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Posted in CA Budget by SCHA-LA on July 27, 2009

From: Vincent-Jones, Craig []
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 10:30 AM

On Friday, July 24, 2009, California’s State Assembly followed the State Senate and approved significant measures to address the State’s $26 billion budget deficit. However, the Assembly did not pass two revenue-producing measures that entailed oil drilling off the coast and shifting highway tax revenues to the State. As a result, those two bills will not be forwarded to the Governor for his signature, and leaves a $1.1 billion gap between the legislature’s approved budget and the current budget deficit. This gap could ultimately impact HIV/AIDS services in California.

The Governor can address that gap by coming up with alternative revenue-producing strategy or using his “blue pencil” authority to cut specific line items from the budget that the Legislature approved. If he chooses to do the latter, he could cut HIV/AIDS services beyond what the State Legislature approved. Given indications earlier this week that he intended to do so, sustaining HIV/AIDS at the reduced capacity already agreed to is in jeopardy. We have already detailed, in earlier emails, the devastating impact further cuts to State funding for HIV/AIDS services would have (refer to policy briefs #2 – 5).

If you have not already made your calls to the Governor’s office to help persuade him to preserve HIV/AIDS services at the reduced levels approved by the State Legislature, the time to do so is now. At this point, the fate of State-funded HIV/AIDS services is in the Governor’s hands. He is expected to make final decisions regarding the budget early this week.

You can reach the Governor’s office by calling (916.445.2841) or sending written comments (Fax: 916.558.3160; E-mail: Elected representatives do listen to their constituencies, and it’s time that you’re heard. Share your personal experiences and how your lives and the lives of those you know can be impacted–those stories are compelling and often shape policy decisions in our State.

Craig A. Vincent-Jones
Executive Director
Los Angeles County Commission on HIV
3530 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1140
Los Angeles, CA 90010
TEL 213.639.6714
FAX 213.637.4748

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