what could have happened?

Posted in hiv by SCHA-LA on August 3, 2009

Listening to Gil Cedillo last week, I heard that Karen Bass and Darryl Steinberg “are good people” with “good hearts” who “didn’t go to Sacramento to do this”. I’m sure this is true. Except that they went to Sacramento and did this.

What would have happened if the democrats said, “Fuck you! We know that there is no way anything we can ethically live with will get a 2/3 majority, so we are NOT going to vote for these bullshit draconian cuts. We are going on strike. We are going to stand up with and for the people of California – the people who most need our voice and protection.   Since a small handful of republicans are going to hijack the process, we are going to walk out in protest. ”

What would have happened if we saw all of the democrats protesting in front of the capital, along with their constituents?

Would they have lost their re-election bids? Well… I seriously doubt they’ve won over any republican defectors, but I am certain they’ve lost a lot of democrats.  So… who cares? They are out of there anyway.

But what if everyone – nationally, and in the state, actually saw this? What possibilities might have opened up? Not only around the budget, but around changing the way we actually do business at the state level.

And I believe,  that if no democrat had agreed to these insane medical, educational or social service cuts, there would have been no way in the world that the republicans would have put such a nightmare forward. As it it, it was a “bipartisan” effort – well, actually it turned out to be a democrat effort mostly, didn’t it? But could it possibly have been any worse if they refused to cut these particular services? What? They’d be seen as obstructionist? So? What? The governor would have been forced to do what he did? Do you think he could have ever even dreamed of going this far if the democrats hadn’t signed off on going as far as they did?


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