TIME SENSITIVE: health campaign needs images of transfolks

Posted in transgender by SCHA-LA on August 26, 2009
Images can be sent to

she is particularly looking for Transgender images and is having a hell of a time finding what she needs. They can be portraits, or lifestyle type photos, candids if they are specific enough…please can you reach out further …would really like to see the Trans community have a say in how they are seen. I don’t know how big of a project this will be but seems to be for Cancer screenings. She is a NY graphic artist, with quite a reputation in her field. She has images for lesbians and queer men already I believe but is looking for something fabulous for the Trans images. As she said earlier there could be $$ involved but it is a grant so she wasn’t sure how much but definitely photo credit.

Thanks. Here is the copy for the cards: Something along these lines.

Take pride in your body. Take control of your health.

Empower yourself. Get screened for cancer in a safe and friendly LGBT environment.

Lesbians have increased cancer risks. Take pride. Take control. Screen today.

These could be good taglines….
Take pride. Take control. Screen today.
Dream. Aspire. Screen for life.

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