Angels of Change 2010

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Distress Call from WORLD (HIV+ women)

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I received this from a friend of mine and current board member, Cecilia Chung. She is the also the Chair of the San Francisco City & County Human Rights Commission:

for information about the organization, click here

Dear Supporters of HIV+ women,

I am writing in my role as a board member of Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Disease (WORLD), the nonprofit organization that is exclusively dedicated to supporting women living with HIV/AIDS. This organization has helped a significant number of HIV+ women since its inception in 1991.

WORLD started as a small support group for HIV-positive women to share information, resources and survival strategies. Today, WORLD has grown into an internationally-known organization linking 12,000 people in 85 countries.

Our mission is to connect HIV-positive women, their families, allies, and communities to one another through peer-based education, support, advocacy, and leadership development. WORLD is a diverse organization for, by, and about women living with, and at risk for, HIV/AIDS.

Despite the economic downturn and various withdrawals of funding promises from different organizations, WORLD is deeply committed to our mission — serving women and families living with HIV — especially in these hard economic times. Your donation will help us keep our commitment to all our clients.

To donate online, please go to:

To donate by check, please mail your donations to:

414 13th Street, Second Floor
Oakland , CA 94612

Please help in any way you can and please help spread the words!



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09/26/09 One Gay at a Time

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