HIV-impacted LA: 2009 (what the Commission did this year)

Posted in hiv by SCHA-LA on November 12, 2009

Carla Bailey and Tony Braswell Co-Chairs presentation on Accomplishments of the LAC Commission on HIV:

“…. But we stand” [Carla Bailey]

Joint Public Policy

  • worked with uthor to revise county support for AB 1045
  • participated in planning of National HI Strategy, genera ed policy briefs
  • Developed Commission’s 2010 policy agenda
  • maintained policy docket, monitoring 30+ pieces of legislation
  • collaboration to promote/support re-authorization of Ryan White
  • hosted/led statewide ADAP Summit
  • building momentum for HIV in adult film industry
  • opposition to the state budget (organized rallies in LA and Sacramento)
  • helped prevent cuts to ADAP and surveillance, maintain separate allocation to other areas of the state.

Priorities & Planning

  • spent 10 months in priority and allocation setting
  • created first Service Utilization and Needs Assessment Report
  • established new methodology and specific SPA 1 allocations & thresholds
  • in collaboation with CHIPTS applied for Robert Wood Johnson’s Public Heath Serices and System Research Intitiative
  • Designated aging HIV population a new “special population”

Standards of Care

  • Developed 3 new standards: ADAP enrollment; Drug Reimbursement/Local Phrmacy Program; and Case Management, Housing
  • Revised standards for: benefits specialty; direct emergency financial assistance
  • hospice/skilled nursing
  • language/interpretation services
  • medical outpatient/specialty
  • residential, transitional
  • drafted 3 special populations guidelines: African-Americans, homeless, Latin@s
  • finalized new continuum of care
  • secured HRSA-funded Medical Care Coordination consultant and created transition planning process
  • submitted oral health comparative effectiveness proposal for NIH stimulus funding; proposal made it to final stage of formal evaluation comments


  • collaboration with Latino Task Force on membership recruitment, reaching Latin@ membership targets
  • developed new membership and orientation training plans
  • maintained compliance with HRSA membership requirements
  • filled majority of remaining vacancies
  • continued Consumer Caucus activities
  • HIV Service Round Table meetings with HIV+ folks in SPAs 3 & 8; developed tool to monitor consumer input from the events
  • developed a consumer mobilization database
  • held consumer Empowerment and Mobilization training


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