Thurs 03/18/10 Community Forum on Transgender Census

Posted in transgender by SCHA-LA on March 16, 2010

Sorry about the short notice! Please circulate widely.

On Thursday, March 18th (that’s this Thursday) there will be a Community forum at Plummer Park hosted by LAGLC and the US Census Bureau to discuss trans-related census information. It is critical that we attend, so we can get information out to the community.

Video made by local community activists
Facebook page
Queer The Census

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Center for AIDS Prevention down – consent decree

Posted in hiv by SCHA-LA on March 11, 2010


There have been a LOT of articles about the Center for AIDS Prevention (see below), the fake AIDS charity which was soliciting funds from all over the country. A Consent Decree has been signed in Illinois, and their website is down. I think this means that they’re out of business.

I checked with Chris Weaver, Expert-at-Large, and he tells me:

On your second question, in short, No. It means only that they won’t be able to work in Illinois or qualify to do business elsewhere as an Illinois-based company. Because this is a matter of state law, not federal law, nothing prevents Neely and his associates from incorporating a new business – perhaps with the same name – in California or any other state. However, California may decide not to grant Neely’s applications on the basis of the Illinois charge, which Jerry Brown’s office is aware of. Brown’s spokesman could not say whether they would mirror the Illinois action.

So, for now, we’re happy. I sent an email to Lomax Burnett (, the fellow who some local activists paid a visit to in Beverly Hills and the spokesperson for CAP, and it bounced back with the following message:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
The recipient’s e-mail address is invalid. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the recipient’s e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

The following organization rejected your message:


ProPublica articles on CAP

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Press Conference $50K reward in trans murder case

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Detective supervisor at Rampart Detective Division is currently handling an investigation into the murder of Paulina Ibarra, a transgender woman who was slain in her East Hollywood apartment on August 28, 2009. A suspect has been identified, and a reward offered.

On Thursday, March 11, 2010, at 2:00 pm, a press conference will be held at the downtown police headquarters, 1st & Main Sts., to announce the reward.

Among speakers at the press conference will be City Council President Mr. Eric Garcetti and Ms. Maria Bueno, the victim’s niece. Flyers announcing the reward are attached in English and Spanish. If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail Wes Buhrmester, Lieutenant, Rampart Detective Division
[1401 West 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017] (213) 484-3441


Suspect’s Description:
Jesus Catalan (AKA Brian Nanes, Luis Santiago)
Male, Hispanic, 5’9”, 140 pounds, black hair, brown eyes,
24 years of age, unknown tattoo on right arm.
Warrant No. 2090827446—–Parolee-at-

TT: Unk Design on right arm.
Suspect is considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS.
WEAPON(S): Unknown sharp object —-Outstanding
The Los Angeles City Council has offered a $50,000 Reward for the suspect’s arrest and conviction.

Please contact Dets. Arteaga or Linscomb, Rampart Detective Division Homicide Unit, at (213) 484-3650, or (877) LAPD-247 (527-3247). Online: go to, and click on “Anonymous Web Tips.” Text: Enter “CRIMES,” and begin your message with “LAPD.”

Census Information for Transgender Communities

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The only information that the 2010 census is giving transpeople on this fact sheet is that they know transpeople exist – (that’s why they made this fact sheet) But that they’re not going to counting folks as trans on the census. People can put down whatever they like with regard to sex, as long as it’s “M” or “F”. There are no questions about gender identity.

The fact sheet goes on to provide information for same-sex marriage and for transpeople who are interested in obtaining census jobs. (Selective service is mentioned, but no information is provided on the fact sheet as to whether transfolk need to register for SS, and what the details are for that. There is a line suggesting that people go to the selective service website, but there isn’t even a URL provided).

I strongly suggest a MAKE YOUR OWN BOX campaign for trans- people.  I also suggest that as census workers come to your communities for town hall meetings and the like that they are confronted with this bullshit.

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Man Suspected in Ibarra Murder: REWARD

Posted in transgender by SCHA-LA on March 4, 2010
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