Census Information for Transgender Communities

Posted in transgender by SCHA-LA on March 10, 2010

The only information that the 2010 census is giving transpeople on this fact sheet is that they know transpeople exist – (that’s why they made this fact sheet) But that they’re not going to counting folks as trans on the census. People can put down whatever they like with regard to sex, as long as it’s “M” or “F”. There are no questions about gender identity.

The fact sheet goes on to provide information for same-sex marriage and for transpeople who are interested in obtaining census jobs. (Selective service is mentioned, but no information is provided on the fact sheet as to whether transfolk need to register for SS, and what the details are for that. There is a line suggesting that people go to the selective service website, but there isn’t even a URL provided).

I strongly suggest a MAKE YOUR OWN BOX campaign for trans- people.  I also suggest that as census workers come to your communities for town hall meetings and the like that they are confronted with this bullshit.

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