request for solidarity letters/support for escalation of racist/homophobic threats and transphobic violence

Posted in lgbt, transgender by SCHA-LA on April 23, 2010

NOTE: “Last week a transgender student was attacked on the CSULB campus. This person does not want to disclose identity, this person is dealing with it privately and wishes for it to remain that way. This person is thankful for the concern the community is showing and is grateful for your well wishes. Thank you for respecting this person’s privacy at this time”

From: Katherine Ojeda Stewart

Hi friends,

Sorry to blast on email and sorry for the scary subject heading – but I was asked to pass this information along. Note: what I’m passing on is pretty graphic and upsetting, just so you are prepared . . ..

I shared with some folks that recently California State University Long Beach has had a pretty serious anti-LGBTQ response to a Chicana Feminisms conference that was hosted there about a month ago. The conference was organized by the student group Conciencia Femenil. The attacks came in the form of remarks made on the student newspaper (online) that included calling the conference organizers “a bunch of lesbians hiding under the guise of feminism”, calling Alma Lopez a “fucking idiot” and her art sacrilegious, Cherrie Moraga a “perverted dyke”, the conference an “abomination”, stating that “lesbians and homosexuals . . . . practice their abominable sexual perversions [and] want to be able to destroy the religions which oppose them,” and finally . . . a call to murder all LGBTQ folks under Aztec Law, and specifically noting the *way in which they should be murdered*.

Big sighs.

So apparently, people are taking the violence from the page, to real life. Below is part of an email from Clarissa Rojas, a former INCITE! National person. She teaches at CSULB, has been working with the students both on organizing the conference and organizing in response to this violence.

*From Clarissa*:

*i have some bad news tambien to share with you, i’ll post something on it today on facebook and if you could also share with folks.* *there was a recent escalation of the violence at csulb, we’re gathering with some new students to talk about how to organize against the stuff we’ve been dealing and this new attack: a trans student left class [one] night to go to the bathroom and on the way there was assaulted by someone who knew [X] by name but whom [X] didnt know. he beat [X] and threw [X] against a wall then carved “It” on [X’s] chest with a knife.*

I know this is intense and a lot to pass on in an email – but I wanted to let you all know. Also, I know I’ve stepped out of INCITE until after the bar is over, but if there is any capacity to support CSULB I really hope our chapter can take that on. Clarissa’s email is: .

Sending love to you all,


Katherine Ojeda Stewart, M.A.
J.D. Candidate, UCLA School of Law, Class of 2010